The first official day of winter is right around the corner that is December the 21st.

If you haven’t gotten around to it already now is the time to winterize your home .

Tips On Winterizing Your Home

In an interview at Home Depot, Victor stated for the exterior of the house, the water faucet sometimes can freeze and cause a lot of water damage inside.

So this cover goes on the exterior of the faucet, goes tight to the building. And it is right there we pull this tight and that’s how that stays tight to keep it from freezing fairly easy.

Now this is the big money saver isn’t it huge money you’re saving because the second largest expense is the hot water heater and heating that water. So wrapping the water heater in a blanket also insulating your water pipes. The foam has the self stick and does it actually up in the air.

This right here goes over the pipe tight so all the pipes at your wrap are going to help save a lot of money to and keep from freezing which is also very important.

Ok so let’s move on to windows… when you open up your window at the bottom, the sealing foam can go right down here so whether your window slides up or tips open like this. When you shut it, you get a nice tight seal.

Also exterior interior caulking any cracks, crevices, air gaps, where something can be coming through this will keep water, snow, those type things out.

Then this is just put on with a blow dryer on the inside. Put around the window to help insulate the window.

The door sweep is a big deal because this keeps the draft from underneath the door from coming in and keeps snow and ice, and those type of things from coming in.

Some other stuff you can do is the electric heat cables to put on the pipes so that there’s one style that you just plug in as needed. As the other style that is an automatic, so that when in temperature hits a certain degree, it will automatically kick in to keep the water from freezing.

November and early December is the best time to winterize your home, but Victor says one other thing you have to worry about too is animals getting into your home this time of year.

It’s always important to make sure to seal up all parts of your home.


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