Today we are going to try to find out what is the best outdoor faucet repair to change your outdoor spigot rather than replacing with outdoor faucet parts. This is about freeze proof hose bibs for your garden hose spigot and please stay tuned. So currently this was the old faucet spigot that I had on my house. I went ahead and removed that because basically what this does is this is just connected to a regular copper pipe and the valve when you shut it off here and the actual shut off is right here but on these frost proof freeze proof types hose bibs they the actual valve is located right down in here towards the tip and there is some pluses and some minuses to each one of these this one here is from home depot and this one here is from lowe’s and personally I’ll show you my which one that I installed because they do make a difference but the length right here you can get them in all different lengths but the length is not what we are reviewing it is the valve in itself.

So this is the old one and these two here are two different types home depot and lowe’s. So the first one I want to talk about this one here is from lowe’s and this one you just keep turning it and turning it and turning it and its just a regular valve and it not a quarter turn valve its a long winded valve to open and close it. I went ahead and took it apart here and this is just comes right out of the inside you know its actually made pretty solid and it is a good valve in itself umm the threads on this is just a regular righty tighty threads. I don’t care for the plastic cap here. The problem with this valve is when you are going through say a brick wall these threads are 1 inch 1/4 its a $80 dollar bit to get that through a brick wall.

So unless you want to pay for a $80.00 bit to go through that concrete or brick wall to put it in a hammer drill I dont prefer this one. Ill show you on the Home depot one and why its a little bit better. So here is the Home depot and yeah it is a little longer and you can buy them in different lengths but as you can see here on the lowe’s the right here where you can get a wrench on it on the inside its much thicker. You can actually get through with a 1 inch bit that you can buy at harbor freight for say 20 dollars in a kit and you will save 60 to 80 dollars on the whole install just on choosing the Home Depot Valve versus the Lowe’s. But what I also like about the home depot is it has a metal construction on some of the parts its also reverse threaded when it comes out so you actually have to take the handle out and that’s fine. You have a all copper tube here and it has basically the same closing but this one is actual 1/4 turn valve.

Versus that long winded valve. I do not care for this because obviously brand new this one is torn. You have to take it out when you are going to solder it on the end here and both of these you can solder it right inside. Just clean it out and solder it or you can thread it on there but I don’t care for this but overall the home depot brand is the one that I would go with. So now we are talking about total comparisons between the two. The Lowe’s brand actually comes with some extra parts so if you are going to use pex tubing you can actually screw that on there then crimp your pex tubing onto the end but the home depot brand doesn’t. Personally I’m a copper guy I prefer the home depot brand for an outdoor hose faucet or garden hose spigot. These frost free types are really nice to have and with honestly the 1/4 turn is my favorite but they both are very good valves.

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