Organizing Holiday Decorations, Part 1 | Clutter Video Tip

Today’s Clutter Video Tip is about organizing your holiday decorations. Now, as I’m posting this video, it’s only a few days until Christmas, so I think you’ve probably already put up all the holiday decorations you’re going to do for this year and I want to teach you today four things you can do right now while you’re enjoying them that will make it easier when it’s time to put them away. First, if you have an arrangement of decorations that you’re really happy with in a certain room, I want you to take a photo of that right now.

And when it’s time to store that away, you could store the photo with those decorations and that will serve as a guide to help you remember what a great job you did this year and all the neat little things that you figured out and also it will help you get a little more assistance when it’s time to set it up, because you can just show someone else the photo and you can start putting it all back together. The next thing I want you to think about right now while you’re enjoying the holidays is what makes the holiday special to you and your family.

When I was a little girl my grandmother had these little Santa mugs at her house and now she has given them to me and it was not Christmas until I had had cocoa in this Santa mug with little tiny marshmallows on the top. And I think you’ll find if you talk to your family that there are little traditions like this that make all the difference in how special Christmas feels and you may find that some of the extra decorating has not even been noticed. And that maybe next year when you focus on those essentials you can simplify the decorating and maybe even some of the activities and have a little bit less stress during the holiday season next year.

The next thing I want you to think about is the storage challenges that you may have run into when you were unpacking your holiday decorations. If some of your ornaments are getting broken, maybe you need to shop right now for an ornament storage container. There may be gift wrap containers, there may be other things like that, that would really solve a problem for you right now and if you’re already out holiday shopping, you can put those on your list, you might even find them on sale, and you just have them on your radar so that when it’s time to put the decorations away, you’re ready for that. And of course, when it’s time to put them away, you do need to have a deadline and you need to have the time set aside to do that.

So pick that time right now and agree with your family on the day that you’ll take the holiday decorations down so that it doesn’t linger through, you know, Valentine’s Day and it just gets done and everybody’s agreed on helping.

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