Insulate Leaky Doors With Door Sweep Sealer

Are you still trying to warm up your home on these cold winter days?

Just seems like cold winter days, there is still too much cold air coming in?

Well if you look down at the bottom of your of your exterior doors,  maybe you need a Cinch Door Seal.

Measure trim, peel and stick them on.

Don’t need any tools. Not permanently attaching them. Some if for some reason you don’t like it, or you are not allowed to attach something, this will work no screws or nails.

Just peel and stick it to your door, and it stays on.

I am going to show you how to do it this door.

Let’s says there’s way too much cold air in the bottom.

The Cinch Door Sweep Sealer has three layers of plastic that are going to sweep against the door and keep the cold air out.

And it’s three times as secure from the weather!

First thing, is you measure how wide the door is. Just measure the door itself not the door jamb. This one is 3 feet wide.

Transfer that measurement onto the door seal.

Open the package, take out the seal… you can see it has a piece of metal and a rubber gasket and tape here.

Peel off the tape and that is what sticks it to the door.

Figure out where where 36 inches are measured… practically fits perfectly already!

Just need to trim it a little bit and I am going to use this handy saw.

Hold my tape measure and when I can see where my three-feet mark is, I am going to put a little mark you can see.

There’s hardly any that I have to trim off. Now take a hacksaw and cut this part off.

Get down here and make sure that it fits and it does!

Make sure it is straight, hold it where you want it peel off the tape.

Stick it to the door and press it hard to make sure it sticks.

There you go… it is already warmer!

There’s no more draft, where as before, I could actually see light through this space.

This weatherstrip works to block cold air and is fabulous to use to weatherstrip your door threshold with Cinch Door Bottom Seal.

Now you will be comfy cozy.

If you feel like you’d rather have a handyman pro install this for you, Pretty Handy Guys Handyman Services has local handyman pros ready to partner with you in your home improvement projects.

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