The Allspace wall organization system is a versatile flexible and simple storage solution that’s easy to assemble using common household tools This video shows you how to quickly install the system so that no time at all you’ll be on your way to a neater cleaner and more organized home, garage or work space. Be sure to also read your user manual thoroughly for detailed instructions tips and warnings. To get started open the box and lay everything out. This will make it easy to ensure that all the system components and hardware are included in the package. For help with this refer to the parts list in the user manual.

It will also save time if you gather all the tools you need before you get started. The user manual includes a handy tool list help you get everything together ahead of time. While you’re at it carefully review all warnings in the user manual before drilling any holes in your walls.

The first components you’ll install are the horizontal top track bars. For maximum strength and stability secure the top tracks directly to wood wall studs located beneath your wallboards. Use a stud finder to locate and mark each vertical wall stud which are usually spaced about 16 inches apart from Center to Center. If you’re installing two top tracks fasten them together before continuing. Use a level on top of the track to ensure your drill marks are properly aligned and level. If the top track holes do not align with studs you can use the included wall board anchors and screws instead. When installing directly into wood studs use a 1/8 inch drill bit to drill a hole for each mounting screw. If using wallboard anchors use a one-quarter inch or five sixteenth inch drill bit and gently push or tap the plastic anchor into the hole until it’s flush with the wall. Then when you mount the top track you’ll drive a wood screw directly into the anchor.

Before continuing, make sure each top track is secured with at least two wood stud screws or three wallboard anchor screw sets Next you’ll install the vertical standards. Depending on your desired panel configuration you may need to connect to vertical standards together before mounting. Once the vertical standards are connected together install them by lining up the notches with the cutouts on the top track then carefully push the vertical standard in and down. If needed you can add support and strength to the system by fastening the vertical standards directly to the wall using wood screws or wallboard anchors.

Next install the desired number of panels. To do this simply line the tabs on the panel up with the holes in the vertical standards push it in place and then push it down to secure it. To lock a panel in place insert a pegboard locking pin on each side and the specially designated holes. Next you’ll install utility tracks. Utility tracks can be mounted onto the vertical standards directly onto a panel or directly onto the wall.

When mounting a utility track onto a vertical standard line up the holes in the utility track with a keyhole in the vertical standard. Press a metal hex locking pin through the holes on each side and push the utility track down to lock it in place. Turn the locking pins clockwise to tighten everything down. a When mounting a utility track directly to the wall follow the same marking drilling and mounting steps used earlier to mount the top tracks.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can add hooks bins and holders wherever you need them to optimize your Allspace system. Metal peghooks that fit Allspace panels are sold at any hardware store.

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