How to show you how to weatherize your windows or plastic film insulation. It’s super quick, easy, and it’s going to cut down on your heating bills. So let’s get to it. I’ve got a ton of great tips for you. I can’t wait to share them. Here is the Window Insulation Kit you’re going to be using. It’s Crystal Clear Shrink Film by Frost King. And what’s great is it comes in 42” x 62” sheets. You get 9 sheets with this kit. Here’s the kicker. We’re also going to be using Bubble Wrap as extra insulation. And you can get this Bubble Wrap for like $5. Here’s the double-sided tape. It comes with the kit.

So you’re going to need to apply the double-sided tape to the window frame. Now in this case, this window is a little bit newer, so I’m applying it to the top, the bottom, and the sides because there’s no paint. It’s all plastic. So here you go. Here’s what it looks like when you’re all done. And again, it’s on the top, the bottom, the left, and the right sides. You’ll also need to apply a second layer just above and to the side of the first layer of double-sided tape that you applied to the window. Let that sit for about 10-15 minutes. That allows the double-sided tape to get tacky. And then what you’ll do is you’ll remove the first layer closest to the window.

So remove the backing of the double-sided tape and then apply your Bubble Wrap. So apply your Bubble Wrap like I’m doing here. And then you can trim at the sides using scissors. Apply the Bubble Wrap across the entire width of the window. Then you can use packing tape to secure any loose sections of the Bubble Wrap. I also applied the packing tape to the vertical overlapped sections of the Bubble Wrap just to make sure that there’s one cohesive unit. And if you tear any holes into the Bubble Wrap, you can apply the packing tape over that hole. Then remove the second layer of double-sided tape. And what you’ll do is apply the window film over that layer of double-sided tape. So make sure you have about 1” excess on every side. Apply the film to the top then the bottom.

And then to the left and right sides. And use your fingers to make sure that the film is in the double-sided tape. Use a hairdryer working from the inside out to remove any wrinkles in the shrink wrap. And that’s about it. All you have to do is trim it, and you’re done. Well there you go. That’s how to weatherize windows with plastic film. And the Bubble Wrap is going to add that extra layer of insulation to the window.

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