Hey, it’s Mike, and today I’m going to show you how to replace your window weatherstripping.

For this exercise you will need a set of needle-nose pliers, a screwdriver and a hammer. Now, before we get started it’s best to have your window sash removed from the frame when you’re replacing your weatherstripping.

Now with me today I have a sample tilt-window sash that has wool pile in a few different locations. Some of the wool pile can be easily removed by using a screwdriver, pressing down on the wool pile and pulling it out of the frame.

Some of the wool pile may be obstructed by parts of the window, or in this case, a tilt latch. In order to get to the wool pile, we’re going to remove the tilt latch by pressing it out and using pliers to remove it from the frame.

Now that the tilt latch is out of the window you can see the wool pile is exposed.

You can grab a set of needle nose pliers or screwdriver to force the wool pile out of the window and then pull it from the frame.

When searching for a replacement wool pile, the two key measurements to consider are the width of the base, and the height of the wool pile.

Now, when you install your new wool pile, get the base started in the slot, press it through, and then you can use a screwdriver to press it through your sash.

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