Replacing fan light kits. Make sure your power is turned off. And if you have it, use a circuit alert device. It’s a good idea to ensure that the power is off. What we’re going to do is reuse this top cap right here. There are three screws that hold this on, so it’s a pretty easy matter of removing those three screws here. There we go. Now you can see the black hot, and the white neutral. And it’s usually blue from the fan for the light kit. Disconnect the hot first. Then the neutral. So here’s our old kit. And we’re going to remove this nut here. And it’s got a little locking washer behind it. We want that.

We’re gonna untwist this. We’re gonna reuse this portion here. There we go. Here’s our new kit. It’s got these nice faux glass covers here. We’ll handle that in a second. Here’s our new light kit portion. And then we’re ready to go. So on this one, we’re going to remove this nut and locking washer. Then we’re going to feed our old part here, over there. And rotate it on. So you can see how some of these have been stripped and they won’t really lock tight enough.

And this is why you need the locking washer and nut to hold it stronger. Tighten our nut over the lock washer. It doesn’t have to be super tight. Hand tight is fine. A little bit tighter with pliers is fine. We’re good to go here. I’m going to go ahead and loosen these a little bit, so it will make inserting the glass a lot easier once the light kit’s in place. Neutral wire first. Hot wire here. And you’re gonna want to tuck these in. You can see this slot here. It’s gonna go right where the switch is. It’s actually on the far side on this one. I’m gonna get some more screws started in here. At this point is a good point to go ahead and check and make sure everything works properly.

Putting one of your lights in. Verifying that it switches on and off. It’s good there. Turn the power back down. These little candelabra based ones, you can pass the lamp shade right over the top. You don’t have to take the bulb out. But if you’ve got traditional style bulbs and medium bases, then you’re gonna need to pull the bulb out before slipping the light cover over. No big deal. Measuring out our fan pulls here. Put some bulbs in. And we’re all set there. Nice new fan light kit.

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