Quick question for you. What’s the hardest thing about replacing grout in a shower? Well to answer that question is when replacing the grout in the shower is actually getting it out and there’s a number of tools there that you can use. The one tool that I like is the the dremel multimax grout remover and I was wondering the other day what I can use to clean out the grout in the shower. I’m gonna replace it and so I went to my local hardware store and all shopped around asking questions and this is what I found. I am a dremell multi-max grout remover blade this is pretty awesome let me give you a closer to it. So today I will show you how to use the Dremel Multi Max grout remover blade. Let’s take a look at this. Okay just as a precaution… I’m working in a potentially wet environment so when you’ere working with electrical device and you’re working in the shower, a tub or near a sink, you gotta make sure that you’re not standing in water, that the floor is dry.

And that there’s no running water around or drinking water around, just to help reduce shock hazards. One quick tip when working with electricity. Any time that you’re working around the sink or around water, you want to make sure that you plug up your device into a GFCI outlet. Now a GFCI means a ground fault circuit interrupter and what it does it does… you can always test it, when it’s on, it’s good its green green for go, and you can always test by pushing the black button and then to reset it push the red button and that resets it, So anytime that you were around water and if it’s available, go ahead and plug up your electric line, your power source into a GFCI. Ok what I’m gonna do is take the blade and I’ve already got this on, and I have inverted it because I’m working in a corner and it’s a little bit tighter I can’t get in there right directly.

So I lay it in there sideways along this wall flat and or I can go on this wall flat as well but to go out there like so it’s a little more challenging directly. So there are variable speeds on a Dremel and always use this when I’m in a hurry, I use this on ten or to be more delicate, I can slow this thing down. And so let’s go ahead and get started and I’ll show you how to do this. As you can tell there’s…I’ll let you look over my shoulder here. and there’s some more work here that needs to be done right here underneath the bench, so let’s do the same thing here. OK now that I have the foothold if you will for the grout to hold onto so it doesn’t pull away there.

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