Hello this is Rick Patterson. Thanks for coming to my video today. One of the issues that you have whenever you are replacing countertops is a gap. And that is what I am going to talk about today is how to fill the gap between a countertop and the existing wall. As yo see here, we’ve already scraped off everything all the way down. Except a couple of little places. We still have some residual caulking, so I am going to have to take a special tool and go along the entire base of this.

Not touching the granite but going along the base to scrape this off. So I am going to show you a tool here and then how to use that tool the best way. We are just going to have to so this the old fashion way and then just go back in here and scrape down all the caulking like I am doing right here. So you have to do this by hand! That’s for right now the only way you can do it without a lot of damage. We are going to continue on and you see here what I am doing…

I am taking a box cutter blade and putting the edge down at about a 45% angle to just enough to get that lip. And you can see that I am still getting more off even after the first time. I am still getting some more here. So you just have to be very very careful in getting this caulking off. I could use some solvents and other products like that but I don’t think they will serve me properly on this because if I use certain chemicals on this surface here, what happens is we are going to lose the bonding that I need.

So I need to keep this pretty well bonded. We are just going to do this the old fashioned way and that’s by hand. Okay that is the end of our video on ” How to Remove Caulking From Grout”. Or maybe, “How Not To Remove Caulking From Grout”.

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