How To Organize Your Garage

If you can’t find your way through your messy garage, it’s time to get things back in order with these garage organization tips.

First, sort your things. Group similar items together, such as garden tools, automotive, sports gear, and seasonal items. For things you’re getting rid off, sort into three piles: recycle, toss, and donate. After you’ve sorted, clean your garage—from top to bottom. This is a great time to remove stains from your concrete floor. It’s also an ideal time to paint.

Next, draw up a plan. Use grid paper and note measurements, windows and doors, and utilities. It’s also not a bad idea to know how much room you’ll need for your car. Mark zones for storing your things.

Garden tools might work best near the door, trash and recycling should be within easy reach, and seasonal items can be stored out of the way. Keep in mind some zones might overlap with overhead storage or shelves. When you have your plan you can start getting things back in order.

Here are some garage storage ideas.

Keep lawn and garden tools off the floor with adjustable wall storage. To install, mark your studs, drill holes, and attach with screws. Finally, add hooks to hang your tools. The open floor space underneath is a great spot for your mower or wheelbarrow. You can use the hanging rails for sports gear too. Baskets are available for balls, and hooks can be used for bats. Hooks are also great for hanging bikes out of the way during colder months. When summer rolls around, use a small rack on the floor so you can grab and go.

The traditional workbench is ideal for weekend projects. Use versatile pegboard for a custom layout of hand tools and storage containers, drawers for small tools, and cabinets for larger items. Some cabinets even have locks for added security and safety. Other things that you use frequently can be stored on open wire shelves. Just keep them around eye level or lower for easy access.

Overhead shelving keeps less frequently used things out of the way—they attach to your ceiling joists with bolts. They’re perfect for seasonal items. When storing your things, use plastic bins to keep everything dust-free. Place your trash and recycling bins within easy reach from the house, and keep a clear path to the outside so you can easily move them to the curb.

A little planning along with simple garage storage solutions will leave your garage organized and more accessible.

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