Here is an inside corner and what I want to talk about is this mosaic. If this mosaic is cut here Lets say it cut strait here and I am going to add another mosaic here. It is not going to look like a flow less This means the mosaic pattern is repeating itself. In order to repeat itself properly the same. You really have to add proper pieces and you should cut a mosaic pieces in order to maintain the mosaic pattern. The easy way to do it is to cut it here. If I cut it in the center in some place here and I am taking this two pieces, the cut pieces and I put them together here as you can see when I am going to install it. It is going to look flow less. This is what I would like to achieve here and in order to do it I have to calculate the size of this room to address this issue properly in both corners.

So that is what I am going to do when I install them. I will show you that I actually have two pieces here that cut from one piece of mosaic and then I am going to put them here together. And really where I am going to start, I am going to start from the corner and not from the center because I really want to address the corner first that everything going to flow with the corner. So I organized the mosaic here exactly the way I want to install them on the wall. As you can see the way it is going. This is very important thing to prep before you put a thinset to cut the mosaic and put them together to see how it is going to look.

What I want to talk about is something else I want to talk about the inside corner here and the inside corner here. How do you actually address these corners here. And where you actually start putting the mosaic because usually what everyone will do is to start from the center but I want to talk about the inside corner and what is the importance of it in order to achieve a very nice installation.

If you look at this piece that I will like to put in the inside corner, you will see something interesting I just cut it with a wet saw and a good wet saw can cut easily glass, stone, and porcelain with no problem. Just need the wet saw to be a good one. Just look at it. These are the two pieces and these pieces I intend to put in the inside corner. Let me show you how it is going to look like. I already put this piece in (temporarily). The cut piece and this other cut piece here. And I just want to show you how it is going to look like when I am going to put it together.

The two pieces will stick to the wall. They are going to look flow less which means this stone is continued the glass piece is continued etc. so the pattern is continued with no problem and it is going to look very nice. This piece is cut to two pieces. This piece is 2 inches and this piece is 4 inches. It is done in purpose… let me show you why. If I take this piece, this is the 8 inch piece and I designed to put it here, I put it here. You can see it is actually fit very nicely here. Now if you look at the other corner here, this corner you can see. The remainder is between here to here and it is exactly 8 inch because it is symmetric, the way I designed it. I calculate that is I put a piece here. You can see that this piece is coming until here to this space. So I have to cut it here exactly 4 inch and what I achieve with it, I achieve a one piece of mosaic setting in the corner setting in this corner here. And I am going to have a flow less pattern that going around this bath room with no issue. The first thing I am doing is spreading the thin set on the wall properly with trowel at 30 degrees.

This is the most important thing… Remember I am starting from the corner so I start to put thin-set on the corner. Now I am going to use the 1/4 of an inch V notcht o level the thinset on the wall at 45 degrees and I can use the other V notch just to level it here and here. The same thing I going to do here 45 degrees and the small trowel V notch here which is 1/4 of an inch also. After I level it with the V notch according to the manufacture instruction I have to flat the groves flat the thinset to flat the grove. I am going to use the flat side of the trowel and just slightly I move it like this. As you can see that is what the manufacture recommended and I believe the reason for it is because of the glass and it is probably better to flat it. I will try to flat it from here with trowel in 30 degrees. You can see I am flattening it. It is quite easy and I can use the other notch. Lets see now, the challenge is to put the first two pieces here, that is the most important to put it properly all the mosaics are going to go together with the two pieces in the corner. They used as reference to the other mosaics so that installation is the most important piece. I am going to put in this corner and I really do not need this piece of tap anymore. This is the first piece I am going to put in this corner.

I push it all the way to the right side. I am going to little bit push it in. The second piece is the small piece here. That I will put in the other side of the corner and I really want to make it sure that is going to be level so this is a first most important part to go. That is the other piece that I am going to install here. Remember what I really did here is 1/8 of an inch bed mud which is thin-set I going to put this one. Remember that the yellow roller plays as 1/16 of an inch spacer. I need to give it a little shift here press slightly. That is the most important pieces you put because everything going to reference to this mosaic. I just want to make sure it level excellent I am going to put more thin-set here and I will continue to do the mosaic installation here. This is the other place that I am installing thin-set…

Spreading the thin set. This wall section already has thin set to 1/8 of an inch. So I can level it from here. I am missing a little bit of thin set here. I just remove that tap that I have here. I do not need this tap anymore. Now I am going to flatten it. I really need a little bit more thin set here. OK now I can put the other piece. The other piece is going to be here and I nee to maintain a space between the mosaic pieces 1/16 of an inch. Now what I have to do, I have to attach properly these two pieces to the wall with piece of wood. I am using this flat 2×4 piece of wood to press slightly. This will attach the mosaic tightly to the thin set. Now I think it is proper I can use this flat trowel to press the mosaic to wall. But I think the wood is better. I just want to force 1/16 inch space between the pieces check for level.

Just to make sure everything is level, as you can see it is extremely level. Cleaning excess, I can also use the level here. Just to make sure everything is level perfectly flat. Just remember to clean sometimes when you think you need to clean. But I clean periodically. Otherwise if you do not clean. it is going to be very difficult to remove the thin-set after the installation is completed. If you see from close, you can see that this and that is actually the extension of the same piece. So you have a continuation of the pattern. So the pattern does not look like it stopped but continues. And that is why I started from this corner and I cut one piece of mosaic to two pieces and attached them together here. That gives you the impression that this pattern is a continuation pattern.

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