How to organize my garage using Rubbermaid FastTrack. Let’s get started. I used the web to find the track and hooks I need. The tracks come in 32, 48 and 84-inch lengths and there are a wide variety of hooks available. We identified where the tracks will hang and then purchased supplies.

Don’t forget to purchase plenty of hardware packs with the track location chosen.

We need to find 3 studs for the 32″ rail and 6 studs for the 84″. The track needs to start and end on a stud.

Every wall is framed with vertical pieces of wood, typically located 16″ apart. These are called studs. The drywall, the outer part of the wall, is attached to the studs with metal screws which brings us to our new fav tool, the magnetic stud finder.

Move the stud finder in an “s” formation and when it finds a screw. It sticks that is the center of the stud to mark it. We did the same for all the remaining studs.

Now hold up the fastback rail and level it mark the screw holes.

Between your studs, make another mark. These are for the wall anchors.

Remove the track and drill holes. You’ll need a 1/8″ drill bit for the stud holes an a 3/8″ for the wall anchors.

Next push the anchors into the wall. This is mom’s favorite part the tools included in the hardware.

Now hold up the track back, and center it over the pre-drilled holes and attach the screws.

Start on each end first. Don’t tighten until you have attached them all.

Slide the cover in place and accessorize as desired.

What we’ve learned is to be sure to buy enough hardware packs and don’t try to improvise with other screws. They are reasonable priced and can be used for other applications.

Make sure you have the correct drill bit before you get started. My original drill did not accommodate a 3/8″ drill bit so I upgraded to this one.

Two drills make the projects much easier! Spend a lot of time planning where you wanna lay out your system.

Think through the placement of each item and potential additions in the future.

Remember, you don’t have to be an expert, just give it a try… get out there and DIY !

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