How to Install Farmhouse Style Door & Window Trim on a Budget

This is my door. You will have to adjust these measurements based on your door and your measurements, but I have a 30″ door.

On the sides we are going to put one 1×4 on each side. So these are a 1×4 inch board and then at the top we are going to put a 1×2 and it’s going to stick out 1/2 inch on each side past your 1×4. That’s a 1×2. Then above that we are going to put a 1×6″ and we are going to cut it the same width as the outside of our 1×4’s right here. This will be a 1×6. And then we are going to put one more 1×2 the same width as this one right here up above our 1×6.

I hope that is not getting confusing for you. This is a 1×2″. Then we are going to get one 1×3\” and put it on top of our 1×2″ and that is going to stick out another 1/2″ on each side. So you can see we go out 1/2 an inch here then we go back in 1/2 a inch, out 1/2 an inch, then out another 1/2 inch. So, you can really easily stack these pieces of molding to create a really good look and its really simply. So my cut list I need 2, 1x4x80 3/4″ tall. Those are going to be for my sides. Then I’m going to need 2, 1×2 inches. Then I am going to need 1, 1×6 inches and then I am going to need one 1×3 inches for my very top board.

That is what I have for my door. Like I said you will need to adjust it for your door or window but this gives you a basic guideline of what I am going to do so I will go cut these and it will be time for installation. Well now I’ve got all my materials cut as you can see. I have all my wood right here all ready to go. You just need a few supplies for this diy. Of course you are going to need a nail gun. You could use small finishing nails there is just going to be so many nails and having to go back and inset those nails and then wood fill.

This is allot easier. Then I have some inch nails for my nail gun. You will also need a air compressor. I have a small pancake compressor behind me that I will use. So just a few simply tools and now we will quickly get this trim nailed up. Alright, well that is a wrap for tonight . It is about in the morning and we are ready for bed. We did get the trim on all the doors in the hallway so tomorrow we will fill in the nail holes and calk around the edges and get ready to paint. So, we will see you tomorrow. Alright, well it is a new day and that means it time to get to work. Your probably looking at this hall and thinking that isn’t the same hall? Well, it is the same hall we area also installing ship lap in this hall as part of this project. We are doing two separate videos. One on the door trim and one on the ship lap. The ship lap video will be released next week and once it is released I will have a link to it up here in the top corner so you can go check it out.

Next, we are going to fill in all our nail holes in our trim using wood filler. We will do that with a little putty knife. Then I am also going to calk all around the edge of the door trim just to give it a nice finished look. I am using calking made for trim. That way if your house shifts slightly you won’t get cracks in all your trim. That was the last step of preparation I went ahead and sanded down all my wood trim with 150 grit sandpaper just to kinda smooth it out and get any rough spots off and also smooth out my wood filler. The next step is paint but…. your are going to have to wait until next week to see that when we do the final hallway revile on the ship lap DIY video. So we will launch that next week. Once we launch I will put that link right here so you can click on that and check it out. I hope you enjoyed this video and learn a few simply tips on how you can add some of this farmhouse style or craftsmen style trim to our home.

This is a really cheap affordable diy that can really make a difference to a door or a window.

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