We are here doing the shoe molding demonstration and we are going to get ready to nail it. So when you are nailing you always want to start at one end and the other. Do not start in the middle and make sure you have your end tight if you are against a wall or if you are not against the wall, make sure it is centered where you are trying to put it.

So you always want to start with one nail on the end and when you are nailing keep in mind that your nails have to catch the baseboard, because of this crack down here if you nail it too much of an angle it will just go right into the crack, you can put all your nails in it and then your piece will come right off.

So make sure after you get one nail in that you have got a good angle and that the piece does not come off. The best way is try to get it as close to the floor as possible and keep it as straight as possible and once you get that technique down then it just a matter of placing your nails and it is good to do a nail about every foot. If you do one every foot and you see some bulges, you can go back and fill them in; but rule of thumb generally it is just one about every foot, straight in as possible, from one end to the other, just like that. What you can do if you find any sort of bulges or anything like that, if it would not go in you can always just fill it with a bead of caulking and it will look good.

Ours is a real tight all the way across so we will just put a thin line of caulking in there at the end fill these nail holes and this one will be all set to go.

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