How to install a ceiling fan light kit in your home. This is our wiring kit that we have put together with the housing. Now we are going to mount it onto the bottom of the fan. This is color coated so it goes like this. See the little connectors; this is the male pins, this is the female, so you are going to mount these together. Push them together in nicely, wiggle them and adjust. I think that is it. Okay. Now those are connected.

Then we would be ready to mount the lighting kit onto the fan. We gently want to push our wires into place and just fit this onto here. You want to see if you can make sure you get those lock washers out of the way. Push that up to there and twist it. Now we are tightening up the lighting kit onto the fan itself.

So there is 3 screws; you are just going to snug these up. These don’t need to be extremely tight possibly 10 pounds of torch. Something like that so now we have our lighting kit mounted to our fan.

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