Does your fan wobble like this one? Today, I’m going to show you how to fix a wobbly ceiling fan. You will need a ladder or a step stool to reach the motor housing. Has it been a while since you’ve cleaned it? You may want to check out our How To Clean A Ceiling Fan video and give it a good scrub before you continue.

Dirt and dust on your fan can cause it to shake, or even worse, damage it. So we’ll wait. Okay now that that’s been taken care of, grab a Philips head screwdriver, check and tighten all the screws on your fan. Loosen your canopy and slide it down so you can tighten your mounting screws. Then verify that the hanger ball is seated in the groove. Tighten the downrod support screws. Verify your blades are all the same distance from the ceiling to the blade. If you suspect any are lower, tighten those screws mounting the blades to the motor. We hope this video helped you fix your wobbly fan.

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