If you’ve got a leaky kitchen faucet that needs to be fixed, keep watching. Follow along with me and learn how to fix your own in just a few minutes. This repair is for faucets with only one handle and it’s really very easy to do! The tools needed are Allen wrenches, large adjustable wrench and some needle nose pliers. First I’m going to remove the set screw found just under the handle. You may need to pop off a rubber cap that covers this screw. Mine was missing. Before we start, turn off both water valves under the sink and cover up the sink to prevent small parts from accidently dropping into the drain. Just undo this Allen screw and set it aside.

Now the handle should just slide off. On my faucet, I need to unscrew this plastic ring. Yours may or may not have this. Now we need the adjustable wrench to loosen the metal collar. There are usually small grooves where the wrench can grip onto. Now I’ll pop off another plastic ring. This ball valve lifts straight out. Now I can see the rubber seals that need to be replaced. Here you can see that I’ve laid everything out in order of how I removed them. Now take your needle nose pliers and gently grab the rubber seals and springs. I didn’t know what brand of faucet I had so I put some of the parts into a Ziplock bag and compared them with what was available at the store. Mine turned out to be Delta. So now I’m going to take the new parts and put them back into the faucet. This kit came with extra springs but I used the ones that matched my old ones. So now everything goes back in reverse order. Be careful not to squeeze the rubber seals too hard with your pliers.

Because I laid everything out on the table, it was easy for me to put all the parts back together. Once the faucet has been reassembled, turn on the water valves underneath the sink. Check to see that the faucet is running correctly. There may be some sputtering from the faucet after you start the water. Now when I turn off the faucet, the drip is gone!

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