Today we’re going to be doing something that scares a lot of do-it-yourselfers. We’re going to be stopping the drip in a tub. We’ve got a shower stem that’s not turning off all the way costing this guy hundreds of dollars a year. Now this is a three handle assembly with a diverter in the center. If you have a single handle cartridge, you just want to pull the cartridge out, take it down to your local plumbing store and they’ll give you the right one. It’s actually easier to do than this three handle. I just want to tell you right now, do not be afraid.

You can do this! I’m gonna show you how. Let’s get to it. First, we got to find the city cut-off. Mine’s buried in the grass. If you can’t find yours you can usually look at the neighbors. Try to find where theirs are and maybe you can place where yours is. Mine is buried in the jungle and underwater. Now inside, before you get to the meter, there’s a little slot where this water key fits on. There you go. Give it a turn to the right. That should be off. Next, we go out to the spigot, turn it on, bleed the house. After our house is drained, we’re gonna remove the handle. Got a screw in the center. Don’t drop those in the drain. Remove the handle. Twist off the scission and this is the stem right here. Get a pair of locks on the nut and twist to the left. You can open it up make sure all the water is out of your line in here.

After that slows down, you can twist out the stem to reveal our issue. Here’s our problem right here. My black gasket is worn down to a nub so we’re gonna take that screw out holding it and you can see that this guy has lived it’s life. Take our five cent fix. That goes on like so. Screw goes back in and tighten it down. Now we can thread our stem back in the hole. Reinstall the scission, handle and that should be good to go. Now let’s go cut the water on at the street. Check out what we got. Alright, we got our water valved on at the street. Let’s give it a test. Shutting off nice! So that’s it. Super easy. We just rocked that gasket replacement on your shower stem and now we stopped that pesky drip. You also saved you about 100 bucks by not calling a plumber and doing it yourself. See? I told you it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

So for Home Mender Inc, this is Dustin. I hope you learned something today and if you did, don’t forget to click subscribe. Thanks for watching..

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