Home Maintenance Management Partnership Program

Our Home Maintenance Management Partnership Program is designed to help you save time and money, and better manage your home maintenance.

Let’s face it… managing your domestic upkeep can be overwhelming when  discovering costly repairs, leaving you feeling out of control in your own home!

Pretty Handy Guys is here to help you gain control over your repairs and upkeep in reducing and often avoiding those costly  repairs by partnering with you

We’ll show you how to make the right decision from hiring the right handyman for your improvement project to which repairs and upkeep projects to take care of first before things worsen.

This is exactly how Pretty Handy Guys Handyman Services can help you in your  maintenance management by drastically reducing your repairs and upkeep and giving you more control over your repairs and upkeep projects.

Below you’ll find our uniquely exclusive and successful home maintenance programs we offer homeowners.

These programs are proven, cost-effective  maintenance management tools every homeowner must have to save time and money and better manage your repairs and upkeep.

Pretty Handy guys Handyman Services provides these programs below at no cost to you. We encourage you to join our Facebook community as well. (See below)

We invite you to speak with our home maintenance partner program manager now to discuss your specific needs, and how we may best serve you in saving time and money with your home maintenance management responsibilities.

This powerful FREE eBook will help you take complete control of the process and reduce your risk in hiring a handyman, and avoid getting scammed and outright ripped-off by dishonest handymen and con artists!

Discover how the 10 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring A Handyman eBook will guide you through a proven, practical and safer approach to successfully selecting the right handyman for your home improvement projects.

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Earn up to $2000 in discounts for your next  improvement projects by sharing our unique-tracking message with your friends and family in Georgia.

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Got a small or big project in mind? No problem… Earn up to $2000 in discounts and use it anytime!

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Are Your Maintenance And  Improvement Projects Too Much To Handle?

Discover How To Save Your Time & Money With These FREE Home Improvement Hacks Quick Creative Tips. Click Here To Get Started!

The HomeOwners Academy is a DIY Home Improvement Training Course designed to educate, equip, and empower homeowners to save time and money, and better manage your home improvement, maintenance and repair projects.

The HomeOwners Academy features all aspects of upgrading and maintaining your home value by curating the best how-to videos and articles on the internet!

No need to spend hours searching on YouTube. We have done all the searching for you and placed the very best DIY Home Improvement how-to videos here into a convenient and readily accessible format.  Join Now… FREE!

You’ve worked hard to get in your beautiful castle…

And Pretty Handy Guys is ready to help you maintain the beauty and value of your investment!

Let Pretty Handy Guys partner with you in the management of your repairs and upkeep.

First Check will give you peace of mind knowing Pretty Handy Guys is monitoring the current condition of your investment even at first glance.

When you schedule a FREE In-Home Quote with Pretty Handy Guys, you will receive a FREE First Check Home Maintenance Check Up.

Call us now for a FREE In-Home Estimate with Pretty Handy Guys  404-465-3414

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DOUBLE CHECK HOME MAINTENANCE AWARENESS is THE favored home maintenance and repair service program which:

  •  Educates homeowners with immediate insights into the current condition of their residence.
  • Empowers homeowners with the complete control of the Who, What, When and How of maintenance and repairs.
  • Equips homeowners with a better management system using a semi-annual scheduled maintenance checkup that drastically reduces the “unnecessarily costly”  repairs!

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