DIY Wreath Ideas: How to Make a Monogram Christmas Wreath

I like making wreaths so much. And the holidays are just not the holidays without wreaths on windows, on doors. And just look at this beautiful monogram wreath in the shape of an S for Stewart. It’s a simple process. Let me show you how to make this. So here is our big S. And we’re using this carbon paper, which you can find at stationery stores. And we’re tracing the big S right onto the quarter-inch MDF. Be accurate. Stay on the lines if you possibly can. And I think I am finished. Yes, all done. And just remove your template.

The entire alphabet is available on And then you’re going to cut this out with a jigsaw. It’s very easy. So this is the nine-foot sparkling pine garland, which is available only at The Home Depot. It’s great because it comes with flocking, with glitter, pine cones, and lights. We’re going to twist this pine garland right onto our letter S and hold it in place with some very thin wire.

We’re using a 28 gauge wire. Start at one end. Bottom of the S is good. And first affix your wire. I would go around twice, twisting it very tightly around the one end. OK. So that’s ready to hold the end. So just start with– and the electric cords should be at the bottom of the letter. a And so just tightly affix the garland.

After you’re finished, you can sort of pull the flocking to cover all the MDF. And then start catching the garland all the way around. So here is our letter completely covered. Now to further gild the lily, gild the wreath, take a 12-inch piece of that same 28 gauge wire and utilize some of your fantastic ornaments. All these ornaments– there are 75 ornaments in this beautiful tub, and they’re part of our Snowberry collection at The Home Depot.

And I think that they’ll look really pretty on the wreath. And take this around and twist on the back. I’m twisting right here. Now remember, this is also an illuminated wreath, so it’s going to look really pretty on your house. So there’s one ornament. And then here’s a pretty red one. And it takes about 17 ornaments to go along the whole curve of the S. And I’m putting them very close together, nestling them in the pine needles so that they look really pretty. So look how beautiful the finished wreath is.

What a great way to personalize your holiday decorations.


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