DIY Projects That Make Winterizing Your Home Easy

When it comes to getting your home or living space ready for winter, there are several small projects you can handle without a lot of fuss.

Here with the five projects that don’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money.

The gutters, with the fall and the rain with the leaves falling down, can be jammed up. So this is a little tool you could climb up on the ladder scoop the leaves out.

Why is it important to scoop the leaves? Why can’t we just leave them all winter?

Well when the gutters get filled up, that water could overflow and then saturate your roof or eaves, and then you have mold issues. So it’s to keep all the gutters clean.

This is a cheap product but you could have like leaf guard. This one just put down in your gutter where the downspout is and it just guards from debris going down so water flow okay.

Then here’s a new one, your downspout it’s coming down… just detach the bottom.

These little Clips here, put the screws in and this what this does, is all the leaves in the debris could fly out. And water, then could go down.

This one seems to be a lot bigger and wider than that one, so does it matter?

Do we need to measure well this is up on the inside of the gutter, up with the spout so they don’t.

That’s like, a little two-inch hole and you got something stuck. And this one is mainly for the trap coming down from the spout itself.

It is so important to clean out your gutters by hand or with a water hose.

Here, I just bought a generic hose bib, so with the winter coming you want to either drain down your hose bib so it doesn’t freeze, and usually the pipe would just freeze and bust, and you have a flood.

If you have a shutoff valve in your house, most of time older homes would have it.

Simply shut off the valve; go bleed your air out the line out by turning it on, and then the water doesn’t just come down, because the older hose bib won’t have a vacuum breaker this prevents water from being trapped inside.

Use faucet covers on every single spigot in the winter.  These are important to insulate. The most important thing I think I should remind the readers  is detaching your garden hose right after the summer.

Detaching that before winter and cover it up. That’s important because you don’t want water stuck in the hose and freeze.

You must insulate your pipes… so let’s say you have copper pipe in your garage or crawlspace, you just simply this you get the home home store or whatever just take it here’s the pipes. pipe hanging somewhere just clip that on and now we’ll insulate these pipes out and about.

At the windows, a lot of time cold breezes come through your window.

So keeping out the molding from the inside, by putting the spray foam in between the cracks will prevent that breeze coming in. So not only is it more comfortable for your home, it saves you money.

You could walk around the outside of your house and just look. Most the time you have to caulk around the seam molding which sometimes shrinks or deteriorates.

So mainly just you know, remove the old stuff and put in the new when it’s not raining and that will help you to winterize your home.

Okay and the last thing I have here is for your doors.

I just bought a sample you could buy this, and you cut it to length. So in your door jamb, when you open your door, there is an insert in there, so that’s weather stripping.

All you have to do is peel the old one out and then just stick the new one in easy peasy.

You’re gonna save so much time money and headaches later.

I think a lot of people look at home improvement and winterizing things like that is very daunting!

I know I do.. it’s something I think no one really thinks about the hose bib busting because they didn’t winterize it.

They don’t have a cover, they had the hose connected to it and you go out there and even here where we don’t have a ton of snow and get it freezing cold weather.

We have harsh winters but it’s still important for us to do.

Now you could probably get all of this done in one day depending on how big your house is.

But just take a look around see what needs to be done. But if you don’t feel comfortable on a ladder to climb up and clean and hire somebody they’ll come out and blow leaves off your gutters and you don’t have to worry about it.

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