DIY Christmas Centerpiece: How to Create a Wooden Centerpiece

Not all boxes need a ribbon and a bow this season. It’s called the DIY holiday centerpiece. It’s a very simple way to put even more holiday on display. It should take about half an hour and cost under $15. Let’s get started.

Here are the tools and materials you are going to need, all available, of course, at your nearest Home Depot. For materials, you’ll need one 8-foot 1 by 6 common board and one box of 18 gauge 2-inch Brad nails. Optional materials– paint or stain, a paint brush, and some safety gloves, and, of course, holiday greenery, plants, ornaments, or LED candles. For tools, you’ll need a circular saw, a Brad nailer, clamps, sanding block, measuring tape or carpenter’s square, a pencil, and, of course, safety googles.

First, measure and mark three 24-inch sections from the 8-foot 1 by 6. These will be used as the sides and the base. Next, measure and mark 2 and 4 3/4-inch sections. These will be used as the ends. Next, using your circular saw, make your cuts on your marks. You should now have three 24-inch pieces and two 4 and 3/4-inch pieces. Smooth any rough edges using the sanding block.

Next, stand one of the 24-inch wall pieces perpendicular and flush along the long edge of another 24-inch base piece. You can use four and 3/4-inch pieces for support. Using an 18-gauge Brad nailer and 2-inch Brad nails, nail through the outside of the wall segment into the base segment. Use several nails along the length of the wall piece.

Repeat on the other side. Place one of the 4 and 3/4-inch end pieces between the two walls and on top of the base. Using the 2-inch Brad nails, nail through the wall pieces into the end pieces on both sides and each end. Repeat on the other side. Lastly, if you plan on painting or staining your centerpiece, do so now. Once you’ve let the paint dry and settled on a spot to put your holiday centerpiece, fill it with ornaments, LED candles, or greenery, but most importantly, joy.

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