Christmas Pallet Decorations: Holiday Ornament Display Tree

The newest decoration in your collection is a blank canvas. It’s called the holiday pallet decoration. It’s a fun way to show off the holidays in a fresh and exciting way. It should take about half an hour and cost $30, excluding ornaments. Let’s get started. Here are the tools and materials you’re going to need, all available, of course, at your nearest Home Depot.

For materials, you’ll need one 12-foot 1 by 8 common board, one 8-foot 1 by 6 common board, one 6-foot 1 by 4 common board, and one box of number 8 1 and 1/4 inch Phillips Square Drive Flat-head Full Thread Zinc Coded Multi-Material Screws. For tools, you’ll need a circular saw, a drill, clamps, a sanding block, measuring tape or carpenter square, a pencil, two paint sticks, and, of course, safety goggles.

Optional materials include one pack of assorted shatterproof ornaments, paint or stain, a paintbrush and latex gloves, and a glue gun with glue sticks. First, measure and mark three 48-inch sections from the 12-foot 1 by 8 common board. You’ll make a mark at 48 inches and 96 inches, which will leave you with three 48-inch pieces. These will be used as the middle and side pieces of the base of your pallet. Next, measure and mark two 48-inch sections from the 8-foot 1 by 6.

You’ll make just one mark at 48 inches, which will leave you with two 48-inch pieces. These pieces will be in between the three other pieces of the base of your pallet. Finally, measure and mark two 30-inch sections from the 6-foot 1 by 4 common board. These pieces will be used as the back of your pallet. Next, using your circular, saw, make your cuts on your marks. You should now have three 48-inch pieces that are 8 inches wide, two 48-inch pieces that are 6 inches wide, and two 30-inch pieces that are 4 inches wide. Smooth any rough edges using a sanding block.

Next, lay all five of the 48-inch boards flat on the table. Arrange them by 8-inch board, 6-inch board, 8-inch board, 6-inch board, then 8-inch board. Leave a 1/4 inch gap between all of the boards. To help keep spacing between the 5 boards use two paint sticks side-by-side in between the boards to give a uniform gap. Two paint sticks equal a 1/4 inch. Next, center one 30-inch board horizontally across the five 48-inch boards about 3 and 1/2 inches down from the top. Secure with wood screws using two in each board.

Repeat this step on the bottom with the remaining 30-inch board. If you plan on painting or staining your holiday pallet, now would be the perfect time. If you also plan on attaching ornaments, wait for any paint or stain to dry, then use an adhesive or glue gun to secure in a desired holiday shape. Once you’ve completed your holiday masterpiece, find the perfect spot to prop it up for all your family and friends to enjoy.

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