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Climbing ladder to clean your gutter has health risks.

Each year, 100K people fall from ladders.

90% of those victims did not watch my video:), the remaining 10% people who watched my video but still fell says: it is a very simple job I am doing, there is no way I could fall.

In this video, I share with you some ideas without costing you much.

You are welcome to leave your ideas or “inventions” here as well.

Remember it saves you time and money long term if you don’t climb at all, don’t fall from the ladder.

If you can clean your gutter without climbing a ladder, without expensive machine, using what you already have, you will have a lot to brag about at your next party.

This video was shot in 2012.

25 ft hose:
50 ft hose+nozzle:
This 24ft pole can reach 30ft:
30ft pole:

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