Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover

So you want to add to your kitchen but don’t have the budget for a full remodel? How about some easy updates? Not a lot of time, not a lot of cash. Start with what’s free!

Clear The Clutter

Clear the clutter, lean off the counter tops and purge your cabinets of the things you never use. Tidy work areas make your kitchen feel larger.

Next, add paint. A gallon for the walls delivers a fresh new look. Take off a set of cabinet doors to create a display shelf and paint the back wall with the color that pops. Breathe life into tired cabinets with crown molding. And change the feel of your entire kitchen by painting your cabinets. Add shine with new hardware. And let there be light. Three sets of puck lights eliminate work areas and create warmth. While rope light around the kick plate adds visual dimension and doubles as a nightlight.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact For Kitchen Makeovers

Minimum effort, Maximum impact all for less than five hundred dollars.┬áHave a little more money in your budget let take it up a notch. A new faucet adds a modern touch while a peal-and-stick backsplash makes a reflective statement. But, let’s keep going. For the big finish, update with contemporary laminate countertops. All this for just a little time and money. Do one or do them all. Kitchen updates are easier than you think and Pretty Handy Guys is here to help.

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