We’re going to talk a little bit about bathroom painting and problems solutions some ideas to improve the overall look of your bathroom.

Problem number one: A lot of times what we’re going to find our biggest challenges is peeling paint and usually it’s located in ceilings above like showers or bathtubs either because the the drywall wasn’t primed properly or there’s a lot of moisture that’s condensing on a ceiling.

We find that it’ll start to peel in a very large area.

What we want to do is make sure we get that scrape down sometimes. We’ve even pulled down the drywall or even resurface the whole drywall with a with a thin skin of like 3/8 inch.

Just go over the top of it so you want to get that sealed up primed a good quality high quality latex primer.

I also like using Guardz which is a great product that’s designed to kind of stop peeling and lifting.

You can also use a product called Peel Stop which works really nice so you want to kind of lock that all in get it all cleaned up patched and repaired.

Problem number two is mold. You’re going to find a lot of mold where obviously water is reoccurring in a similar spot or moisture occurs usually at the bottom bottom corner outside edges between the drywall where it meets the tile.

Because of either the doors don’t close properly or you’re getting a you know maybe a shower curtain or somewhere you’re getting water outside the tiled shower area. That can usually present a problem.

Also we find a lot of mold on the ceilings and bathrooms because what we’re traditionally finding is that the exhaust fans sometimes are not properly vented.

And when that air is sucked out of the bathroom, it’s supposed to go to an outer vent and sometimes people either when they put that duct work in they either serpentine it, or it gets kinked, or they don’t properly vent it, air will back into the house.

In fact, I looked at a job when they vented it out into the eave, which is the underside of the exterior of the home, the air was pushing it all back in.

And when we went and looked up, we saw that there was just a tremendous amount of mold on the ceiling.

We went up into the attic and there was just mold spores everywhere!

It looked like coal dust.. that’s how thick it was because there was a hole in the the vent line and everything was just backing into the house. So that’s real key.

Once we recognize we’ve got some mold and mildew here, we want to make sure we treat it get it cleaned off there. Usually it’s not harmful. I know there’s some that are out there using masks.

Just follow directions with any sort of cleaner you can from your your local Home Depot or even your hardware store.

Find something that will work to clean it up. It will clean it and kill it.

Another item is really kind of it depends on who you have in your home. If there’s a lot of use of hairspray, that’s usually a big problem that ends up happening.

There’s wax in hairspray or some sort of byproduct of wax in hairspray and when sprayed on your head it hits the back wall behind you or the door door frames and stuff. So you need to make sure you clean that off with denatured alcohol which works real good.

Or scuffing it real good with some sandpaper to take it off.

Same thing also with toothpastes that gets up on the wall. If you have kids, you know things just kind of get slopped around and splashed down the wall.

So we want to make sure to get that cleaned up before we go ahead and apply any sort of paint to that surface.

Okay so that’s our problem areas… that’s what we see probably 90% of the time that are the trouble areas.

I recommend as far as paint usage we want something that is mold resistant. There’s a couple different products that I’ve used over the years that I really like Benjamin Moore Bath and Spa.

This is a nice product goes on great, very do it yourself friendly.

Also two products that I also like to use the Benjamin Moore Regal Select Eggshell. I like a little bit of Sheen on my walls in the bathrooms so we can wipe it up.

If you have a larger bathroom and you’re a little bit neater, and maybe don’t have as much wear and tear on your bathroom, I go to the Regal Select matte finish. Especially if you have larger bathrooms with big spans of drywall, it has a tendency to show less seams.

Also if you do have larger bathrooms like that and you do have some drywall issues, the things that that aren’t going to be fixed just by a little spackle and a little mud knife, stay lighter on the color.

The darker the color, the higher the Sheen, the greater the imperfections are shown.

So another tip, I like to use a couple products from Sherwin Williams. I like the Emerald Eggshell and the Sherwin Williams Duration Home Eggshell. It’s more of a satin finish, so not much of a difference.

If I’m looking to freshen up my bathroom and get it looking brand spanking new again, these are the top of the line products you’re going to want to use.

I’m a real big believer in using a better quality material because your time invested into this project and it’s usually a master bath which can take a do-it-yourselfer two good eight-hour days to take care of depending upon how large it is.

If you’re going to go through the hassle doing it yourself, make sure you use a good product because it actually will make your job a lot easier always good product and go to applicators like brushes and roller covers.

So once we’re all done with it, there’s a couple things I always recommended now to change out your light fixtures and change it out to something a little bit more contemporary.

It’s also good time to change the shower doors. They have the older style frame shower doors, the metal framing all the way around. Everybody’s now starting to go to the frameless shower doors.

You can buy it and pick up stock sizes at your at your local hardware store with clear glass but it really does make the bathroom pop.

These are a couple little items that I’m going to recommend. If you’re going to change the look of your bathroom, also I want to talk to you about the exhaust fan and that’s where a lot of problems lie.

This might be a great great time to change your exhaust fan now. Braun, is designed to take their system out and plug and play a new system.

So what you might want to find if you’re having the warm moist air from a shower is not getting out of your bathroom, you might want to go to a larger fan.

There are different sizes: five by ten, five by twelve bathroom hall bathroom guest bathroom usually it’ll be a 50 CFM or an 80 CFM.

CFM means cubic feet per minute that the volume of air that is going to be pulled out of the room every minute.

So 50CFM is 50 cubic feet so go to a little bit larger one.

If you find that it’s just not working for you, 80CFM is a pretty good size for that. I think we’ve done 110 CFM in masters.

They get larger than that too it also depends on where they’re located in the bathroom. If they’re a little bit higher, location really is the key.

So if you don’t feel like your fan’s working well ,first and foremost it might be just old. If it sounds like it’s a little clunky, the bearings are probably going on it. So now’s a good time to go ahead and replace it, and maybe even step up to just a little bit larger model.

Now make sure it is vented properly and that will solve a lot of problems for future mold and mildew issues.

If you do it yourself, you’re going to have to get up in that attic.

if you don’t feel comfortable, hire professional to get up there and vent it properly according to the codes in your area. This that is key because I’ll tell you what it’ll make a world of difference in the mold and mildew issues and how that fan is designed to work.

And then finally, a little tip: Caulk the transition areas with a small tube of clear silicone and anywhere you’re transitioning from say one surface to another.

Just to give you a good example, if you look in your your average bathroom area, you’ll find that there’s baseboard that runs up to the tile.

What I will do is I will caulk where the tile and the baseboard which is generally would meet, I will also caulk the bottom edge about 12 to 18 inches out along where the baseboard touches the tile and the floor tile.

Also the tile where the tile meets a tub or the shower base. So you get a nice clean barrier there in case you step out of the shower and you have a little bit more water on your body and it runs off, it doesn’t get underneath the baseboard.

It’s just a little a little tip to help you out. You’d be surprised, you put a nice tight bead in there, wipe it real clean and everything you can barely in fact you probably can’t even notice it was especially with a clear. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how well it keeps that water kind of on the hard surface like your porcelain and your ceramic and some sorts of stone.

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